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Re: WROR Nibbling Into The 80s?

I think WROR had a liner (maybe still does) that
says "no heavy metal, no doo-wop oldies". The
message in the latter is clear: they know their
listeners are more likely to change the station if
hear stuff pre-Beatles (or pre-1960).

They seem to be using the term "doo-wop oldies" to
mean any rock/pop stuff from the 50s. Anyone who
actually wants real "doo wop" can only find such
music on "specialty shows" on college radio, maybe;
like "Uncle Henry's Basement" on my own WMWM.

Is there a trend toward nostalgia going back twenty
years? In the 70s, we had 50s nostalgia ("Happy
Days", "American Grafitti", Sha Na Na); in the 80s
it was the 60s coming back ("The Wonder Years",
etc.); in the 90s it was 70s nostalgia and more
recently it's been "back to the 80s new wave"
(like the new-wave revival shows on WBMX and

I can hardly wait until 2020 or so when "oldies"
stations bring back lovely memories of rap singer
Enema--er, Eminem! :)

--- SteveOrdinetz <steveord@wavewizard.com> wrote:
even one doo wop song and I'm gone!  My
> guess is that I'm not
> alone.  

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