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RE: WROR Nibbling Into The 80s?

On Sun, 25 Feb 2001, Bob Nelson...WMWM wrote:

> Maybe they figure fans of 50s rock/pop have moved on
> to talk, news, or standards (or, sad to say, in some
> cases some of them have passed away). So stations
> like WODS may be saying "see you later alligator"
> to the "Happy Days" sound...

I read in a trade publication recently that oldies stations in general are
starting to suffer from the same disease that killed the "beautiful music"
format: aging listeners. Ad agencies don't want listeners older than 54. 
The leading edge of the "baby boom" generation is now 55; these people,
who have been pursued hotly by marketers all their lives, are now
"unpersons". Frankly this surprises me, as I've always imagined that
marketers go where the money is. There appears to be some deep-rooted
ageism at work here.       

Rob Landry