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RE: WROR Nibbling Into The 80s?

Maybe they're broadening into the 80s, bit by bit.
"Start Me Up" was around '81, right?

When we had "Eagle 93.7", they played hits of the
70s (well, rock or pop-based hits-- except for
some R&B-based stuff on the weekends). Then they
expanded into hits of the 80s as well and I think
they may have even drawn upon the 60s a bit. If you're
gonna play hits of the solo Beatles why not play their
group stuff too, eh?

Sometimes it's tough to just confine yourselves to
a certain decade. I remember WZLX defining themselves
as "classic rock", then they'd play a newer song by a 
classic rock artist and say "It doesn't have to be
old to be a classic".

And while we're talking decades, I should mention
what I was talking about to a fellow radio buff by
email: ever notice how some oldies stations (like
WODS) have added more 70s stuff and just about
gotten rid of the 50s? With the exception of some
earlier Elvis, I think WODS is sticking to music
starting early 60s up till the advent of disco.
Maybe they figure fans of 50s rock/pop have moved on
to talk, news, or standards (or, sad to say, in some
cases some of them have passed away). So stations
like WODS may be saying "see you later alligator"
to the "Happy Days" sound...

--- Peg <ebradio@flash.net> wrote:
> You know, I heard that over the past few days
> myself, and thought, this is
> unusual for WROR!
> SS
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> Subject: WROR Nibbling Into The 80s?
> Friday evening I happened to hear The Rolling
> Stones' "Start Me Up".
> Was that just a fluke, or is WROR maybe extending
> their reach into
> the 80s?
>      ~Kaimbridge~

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