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Re: Announcer Phrasing

On 9 Feb 2001, at 19:46, Roger Kirk wrote:

> It appears that WBZ newspersons e.g. Gary LaPierre,  
> have writers who provide copy for them to read.  
> Does anybody in this group know if copywriting 
> people provide puctuation for proper phrasing?
> This morning, Laurie Kirby (sp?) subbing for 
> Jay McQuaide (sp?) read a story and the 
> phrasing was just plain awful.  She read:
> In all seven people <pause> were displaced. 
> <major pause while Ms. Kirby puzzled over 
> what she just read>
> One can only hope that it was intended to be:
> In all, <pause> seven people were displaced.
> frequently in live material, but occasionally
> in pre-recorded commercials - some that run
> for weeks.  Does anybody listen to stuff before 
> it's aired?  Quite frankly, some commercials 
> sound as if the talent did a read-through to 
> tape and that's what airs.
> Comments?  Apologies?  Extenuating Circumstances?
> Roger Kirk
> rogerkirk@ttlc.net

Sometimes you're given copy at the last minute and don't have 
time to pre-read.  A good trick to master is being able to read one 
or two lines ahead...to catch any bombs before they explode out of 
your mouth.  Even then, they sometimes escape.
If I had a dime for every on-air gaff I've made.......
Of course the best solution is to write your own copy...then you 
have nobody to blame but yourself.
WBZ does a tremendous amount of news.  The fact that the 
occasional goof is so noticeable shows just how well they do in 

Dan Cole