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Announcer Phrasing

It appears that WBZ newspersons e.g. Gary LaPierre,  
have writers who provide copy for them to read.  
Does anybody in this group know if copywriting 
people provide puctuation for proper phrasing?

This morning, Laurie Kirby (sp?) subbing for 
Jay McQuaide (sp?) read a story and the 
phrasing was just plain awful.  She read:

In all seven people <pause> were displaced. 
<major pause while Ms. Kirby puzzled over 
what she just read>

One can only hope that it was intended to be:

In all, <pause> seven people were displaced.

frequently in live material, but occasionally
in pre-recorded commercials - some that run
for weeks.  Does anybody listen to stuff before 
it's aired?  Quite frankly, some commercials 
sound as if the talent did a read-through to 
tape and that's what airs.

Comments?  Apologies?  Extenuating Circumstances?

Roger Kirk