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RE: 88.7 Southern NH

> It does seem strong in L'Derry (near HS on 128 was
> the best I was receiving)

Yes it was strong there on the car radio, but that is
the 2nd highest point in town, and a quite open area,
so reception is bound to be good. 

Going against my theory, the station was on again last
night so I narrowed its location down even further.

Returning to Rte 102 by Parmenter Rd (out in general
direction Londonderry Flea Mkt and Hudson Townline), I
noticed this was the only location where the station
was totally covering/overloading adjacent channels
88.5 and 88.9. This in particular on Parmenter Road
between Rte 102 and Old Nashua Rd/Boyd Road. In did
drive into the Office Park on Parmenter Road but the
adjacent channel splatter gave way to 88.5 Windsor VT
and 88.9 Boston. The extreme splatter only occurred
for about 2/10 of a mile along this very short section
of road.

I need to find a way to detune my whipless portable
help in my pinpointing the location, naah that would
be too obsessive!

Doing a search on some of my old e-mails I totally
forgot that I had noticed a semi-local pirate on 88.7
in the fall of 1999. I don't think the format was

Interesting to note is that two of the selection last
night were patriotic in nature. Yankee Doodle and a
military march played on a violin!


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