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Re: why I don't trust ratings

The Wiz is still operating, though local NY giant PC Richards, Best Buy
and Circuit City are stiff competion. Plus NYC "blessed" with a zillion
stores that sell everything.

The Wiz had a gimmick at Christmas time that if you spent $100 you would
get a "free" cable modem as long as you were a Cablevision sponsor.

But in answer to your question, yes they still own "The Wiz", and they own
the "Rockettes".

On Wed, 24 Jan 2001 Sptseditor@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 1/24/2001 2:05:13 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
> crimson@channel1.com writes:
> > They didn't. Heck Cablevision owns MSG network, MSG the building, the
> > Knicks, Rangers ,Liberty ,Radio City Music Hall and the electronics chain
> > 
> An issue of semantics here, but Cablevision (through its MSG subsidary) does 
> not own Radio City, they operate it on a long-term (99-year, IIRC) lease. And 
> I am not sure how much of an ownership stake they have in "The Wiz" anymore, 
> seeing the chain was recently on the verge of bankruptcy.
> -Sean