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Re: Adios, "Hub 66"

ACK what is going to happen to the Beanpot????????

On Wed, 24 Jan 2001, Joseph Gallant wrote:

> Although I had hoped that WHUB/"Hub 66" would keep broadcasting it's 
> syndicated program lineup until Univision took over day-to-day operation of 
> the station (to carry the new "Univision Dos" network, which should happen 
> on or around June 1st), that's not going to happen.
> In today's (January 24th) Boston Herald, an article announces that as of 
> February 1st, WHUB will go back to a 24-hour broadcast of the Home Shopping 
> Network until Univision takes over.
> The article can be found at:
> <http://www.bostonherald.com/entertainment/television/hotb/01242001.htm>
> Thus, for approximately four months, Boston-area cable viewers will see HSN 
> 24-hours-a-day on two different places on the cable dial. We get four months 
> of Adrienne (tm) doing 12-hour weekend marathons of hawking Signature Club A 
> (R) on two channels! Oh, joy! (yeah, right!)
> I don't know what will happen to the syndicated programming now seen on 
> WHUB. Some of the first-run stuff, like "Arrest and Trial", might go to 
> other TV stations in the market. But, I suspect most of the off-network 
> reruns now seen on WHUB, with the exception of "Cheers", won't get picked-up 
> by anyone else in the market. (I wonder if
> A T & T 3, the regional "local-origination" channel of A T & T's area cable 
> systems, which does air some off-network reruns, will make a bid to pick-up 
> some of the reruns that had been running on WHUB)
> The change means that the 2001 Beanpot tournament won't air on WHUB, nor the 
> final game of a ten-game BU men's hockey package WHUB had been carrying this 
> season (February 17th, vs. Providence College).
> The Beanpot, however, has found a new television home for this year--no, not 
> NESN or FSNE, but A T & T 3.
> A T & T has just acquired (although the name hasn't been changed yet) the 
> Cablevision operations in Massachusetts. A T & T 3's Beanpot coverage will 
> be available in Boston (and probably the other systems just bought from 
> Cablevision), and I suspect that A T & T 3 will appear full-time on those 
> systems starting February 5th (the first night of the Beanpot), replacing 
> the existing local-origination channel in those areas.
> I found this part out on the U.S. College Hockey.com website, as follows: 
> <http://www.uscho.com/news/briefs.php>
> The Beanpot information hasn't yet (as of 3 P.M., January 24th) been posted 
> on the A T & T 3 website <http://www.wickedcooltv.net> or
> <http://www.att3.com> . I suspect it will be very soon.
> I do not know if A T & T 3 will carry the February 17th BU/Providence hockey 
> game that was to have been on WHUB, or if A T & T 3 will carry the BU hockey 
> package or the Beanpot in 2001/2002 and beyond. I personally think A T & T 3 
> may carry BU hockey from here on in, but I don't think they'll air the 
> Beanpot after this year. Look for the Beanpot to migrate to a merged 
> NESN/FSNE beginning in 2002.
> Joseph Gallant
> <notquite@hotmail.com>
> P.S.: I think there's a typo in the US College Hockey.com story about A T & 
> T 3 broadcasting the Beanpot. The article says it would be seen on cable 
> channel 13 in Boston. But since A T & T 3 will replace Cablevision's 
> existing Boston-area L/O channels, I suspect the Beanpot--and all other A T 
> & T 3 programming until there is a major channel re-alignment that puts A T 
> & T 3 on cable channel 3 in Boston and Brookline--would be seen on cable 
> channel 12 in Boston and Brookline.
> P.P.S.: I think the info in the Herald article about Channel 66 going back 
> to the WHSH call letters probably isn't correct. While Channel 66 will 
> revert back to the Home Shopping Network in a little more than a week, I 
> suspect the legal call letters will still be WHUB-TV--until Univision takes 
> over.
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