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> > from that 1260 spot to 590 in 1997.  Could 950 become the "new WPZE"?
> I hope not.  Doesn't Salem have a history of respect for historic call 
> letters?  Or am I thinking of another company.
> Of course, WROL isn't really the historic call letters of that station, 
> but it's as close as they can come right now to their original, historic 
> call letters of WORL.

True; those are still in use in Florida (the station has moved from
650 in Christmas FL to 660 in Altamonte Springs FL, both near Orlando.)
WRYT is also still in use, at 1080 Edwardsville IL.  Go *way* back
on 920/950 in Boston and you end up at WBSO, which *is* available.

>  > Out west, UMass/Amherst student station WMUA (91.1 Amherst) could soon
> > be getting out a bit better.  The station has been granted a tower
> > height increase, from 8 meters above average terrain to 39 meters,
> > albeit with a power drop from 1000 watts to 450 watts.  The new tower
> > will be adjacent to the old one on campus.
> Will the increase in height actually make up for the power reduction?  
> Their present signal gets out fairly well in the area.  I couldn't get 
> them in the Berkshires, but that may be in part because of a strong 
> station coming in from somewhere in New York state.  Eastward along the 
> Turnpike, they fade out around Sturbridge.

The NY signal was likely WHVP 91.1 Hudson, part of the Sound of Life
network out of WFGB 89.7 Kingston.  The frequency is pretty clear on
the Amherst side of the Berkshires, so I suspect the change won't
hurt them too badly...