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Re: RIP Joel Perlmutter

I got to know him when I was working at the Garden. Probably his "best"
talent was being heard over the 1930's vintage PA system the old barn had.

To this day nobody really knows why he was banished from the building he
loved so much. It happened during the last playoff series ever played in
the Garden (Bruins-Devils in 1995) and he was replaced by the Pawtucket PA announcer.
Delaware North who owns the Bruins is not a easy company to work for. 

He really will be missed by all who ever met him.

On Mon, 22 Jan 2001, Mountain Wireless wrote:

> > Indeed he did plus a great love of the game of hockey. He wasn't in it for
> > the $$$$.
> Nor the laurels. He was a humble, genuine, and giving person.
> > > Joel also was a contributor to Hockey Night in Boston and, from what I
> was
> > > told, had dealings with WJDA in some capacity (I am not sure whether he
> > > ever worked there or not).
> I think Joel, like so many of us, bounced in and out of many of the stations
> in and around Boston.
> -J.