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I Read the Classifieds So You Don't Have To (Ver 2.0)

I'm in the habit of reading the Legal Notices in the
Boston Globe classifieds because once in a while, 
there are notices of CP's, tower construction, etc.
Today's Globe (Jan 22, pg C8) had the latest entry from 
the wonderful folks at WKOX-AM 1200, still listed
as owned by Fairchild.  I commented on their Legal
Notice a year ago (that was then a world exclusive;
I've gotta stop reading Drudge) that included a 
power boost and move to Sawmill Brook Parkway,
Newton.  Today's entry mentioned that they had placed 
an application with the FCC for the aforementioned 
power boost, with this difference: they propose to move 
only the NIGHTTIME operation to Newton.  It's still
50 KW day and night, so reading between the lines...

there's nothing but white space between the lines,
but I guess this means they intend to continue operating
days from Mt. Wayte Ave.  The City of License will 
change to Newton however...maybe given as 
Framingham/Newton.  This distance may make it tough 
to be heard in Boston, the North shore and South
shore unless they were to simulcast on 1430. 
It bears watching.

Laurence Glavin

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