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Re: I Read the Classifieds So You Don't Have To (Ver 2.0)

I doubt they would blow up WXKS AM however as they have a nice ( if very
old) auidence in the daytime.

HOWEVER if they did blow up 1430.....WJIB might actually start showing in
the book.

On Mon, 22 Jan 2001 lglavin@lycosmail.com wrote:

> I'm in the habit of reading the Legal Notices in the
> Boston Globe classifieds because once in a while, 
> there are notices of CP's, tower construction, etc.
> Today's Globe (Jan 22, pg C8) had the latest entry from 
> the wonderful folks at WKOX-AM 1200, still listed
> as owned by Fairchild.  I commented on their Legal
> Notice a year ago (that was then a world exclusive;
> I've gotta stop reading Drudge) that included a 
> power boost and move to Sawmill Brook Parkway,
> Newton.  Today's entry mentioned that they had placed 
> an application with the FCC for the aforementioned 
> power boost, with this difference: they propose to move 
> only the NIGHTTIME operation to Newton.  It's still
> 50 KW day and night, so reading between the lines...
> there's nothing but white space between the lines,
> but I guess this means they intend to continue operating
> days from Mt. Wayte Ave.  The City of License will 
> change to Newton however...maybe given as 
> Framingham/Newton.  This distance may make it tough 
> to be heard in Boston, the North shore and South
> shore unless they were to simulcast on 1430. 
> It bears watching.
> Laurence Glavin
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