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Re: I Read the Classifieds So You Don't Have To (Ver 2.0)

In a message dated 1/22/01 6:58:01 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
crimson@channel1.com writes:

<< HOWEVER if they did blow up 1430.....WJIB might actually start showing in
 the book.
 WJIB doesn't show in the book, because it hardly ever mentions its call 
letters (during 1999 and 2000). Two years ago, when call letters were 
mentioned more often than once or twice an hour, it showed with a .5 % .4, 
etc.    Effective 1/00, WJTO and WJIB calls are mentioned a few times an 
hour.  That oughta confuse 'em.   In fact, it did so much that Arbitron 
called me , asking if there's a simulcast.
But there is some truth to the other person's statement....    Adult 
standards does always do better than instrumental-oriented adult music.