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I used to be able to get WMUA at the Burger King (Now McDonalds) rest area
in Lee. (Before the WHVP days).  WHVP , even though licensed to Hudson,
transmits from the top of the VERY tall tower in Austerlitz (easily seen
from Rte 22), which is only about 7 miles from the MA border.

On a side note, WMUA is moving its antenna to a Cell tower which is located
near the present rooftop location it currently uses (according to their
website, WMUA.org). I have a scanned pic of their current antenna but have
yet to publish it.


> >  > Out west, UMass/Amherst student station WMUA (91.1 Amherst)
> could soon
> > > be getting out a bit better.  The station has been granted a tower
> > > height increase, from 8 meters above average terrain to 39 meters,
> > > albeit with a power drop from 1000 watts to 450 watts.  The new tower
> > > will be adjacent to the old one on campus.
> >
> > Will the increase in height actually make up for the power reduction?
> > Their present signal gets out fairly well in the area.  I couldn't get
> > them in the Berkshires, but that may be in part because of a strong
> > station coming in from somewhere in New York state.  Eastward along the
> > Turnpike, they fade out around Sturbridge.
> >
> The NY signal was likely WHVP 91.1 Hudson, part of the Sound of Life
> network out of WFGB 89.7 Kingston.  The frequency is pretty clear on
> the Amherst side of the Berkshires, so I suspect the change won't
> hurt them too badly...
> -s