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Re-Skin Award Goes to:

(Okay, on the TV side) TNN. The NASHVILLE Network is now slugging
itself as the NATIONAL Network, with the liner "We've got POP!"
They're feeding the line to casuals and wrapping together
'testimonials' while
trying to create a new hip phrase to some Seinfeld-ian end (about
nothing.)  As they montage pro wrestlers, stock cars, and other
pre-image shift product, it's certainly a daring mission.  It'll
probably work.

The best network production/image has to go to TV Land.  Using the
timeless Tim Conway in booth (same voice he had as Sgt. Parker in the
1960s!) and hysterical tongue-in-cheek overlays to classic gems in
their line-up, to marathon weekends (proven successful by WPIX NY and
Sci-Fi on holidays, it makes one wonder why local TV and even net.
affils. don't loosen up, stop yelling and enjoy the ride.

Now, how about "Best Radio Imaging?"

Bill O'Neill