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East Is East, unless it's Sanford... (was WNSX 97.7 off air)

based on rotating compass points provided by Rod, Dan &

always got confused about this subject myself, but, being
from "away" (definition:  someone who, at age 8, thought
farm animals were cool  ;-)  i'm kidding.), i found that 
i agree with Bob, who, by the way, is in no way an 
absentee owner.  i pass his mini-SUV on the pike often,
both northbound & south- bound.  
   the really weird part of the geographical layout of 
Maine is that Portland is considered "Western Maine" 
(hence PWM for you IFR/VFR folks...).  the Southwest Coast
forecast from NWS is extremely confusing the first time
you rip one from the TTY.  last time i checked, the coast
of Maine is an east thing...  any combination of west &
coast brings to mind things such as warm "San Franciscan
Nights" (great song not played on WROR ENOUGH...) or 
   note to Dan:  no one is wrong is on this.  there is a 
God-given right to interpretation of things such as this.
and besides, Downeast starts at a little office in Camden,
or so says the masthead on a fine publication aimed at 
sucking more "flatlanders" and "people from away" into the
myth... ayuh.  ;-)

- -Chuck Igo (born in Cambridge, living in South Portland,
Maine...  and in no hurry to leave.)

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