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Re: Re-Skin Award Goes to:

The new TNN campaign just seems goofy and incoherent to me.  They've retained
most of their old "southern lifestyle" programming but are trying to pass it
off as general interest.  I don't think you can add Starsky & Hutch and WWF to
your schedule and expect people to perceive an image change.  I think TBS, for
instance, has done a much better job of marketing itself to a general audience.
It's worth noting that TBS, TNT et al are now brands in themselves and don't
really stand for anything anymore in terms of on-air identity.  Viacom would do
well to take a lesson from Time Warner rather than try to make the letters
'TNN' stand for something else.  That said, nothing can beat New Hampshire
Public Television's "Keeping You In Mind" campaign for sheer humiliation of its
target audience.

Take care,