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BBC Extraordinarily Biased on Gun Issues

In response to a few of the remarks concerning the BBC's reporting on
gun issues, I must say that for years I held the BBC in relatively
high esteem as a news source of integrity.  However, in the past
couple of years, it's been apparent that (1) BBC has a strident
anti-gun bias that seems to have infected the entire BBC news-staff,
and (2) they haven't a clue about the meaning of the Second Amendment
as defined by our nation's founders and as to how and why it's revered
by most Americans today.  One might go even further and say that the
British to a large extent appear to be quite uncomfortable with most
of the principles in our Bill of Rights.

Although most Brits are, indeed, "jolly good folks", they are, in many
respects, STILL the Redcoats when it comes to the core political
values that separate us from them.

Jeff Weinstein