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Re: Christmas music

Knowing Hec Gauthier, and knowing the true spirit of local radio dedication
that Hec, along with Robert and Jim Karam (owners of WHTB/WSAR) have to
Bristol County, Hec was live.

The rest of the day was probably board ops, punching buttons and such, but
if Hec was on the air, I'm almost sure he was live.

Further, if anyone knows Happy Hec, he IS Fall River radio.  Involved with a
boatload of community groups, ranging from United Way to the Chamber of
Commerce.  Granted he left for sometime to work in CT, but when he came
back, he was welcomed with open arms.  There's a man with some stories about
radio.  The "second" fairest man and professional the biz will ever
see...almost to a fault.  A huge pleasure to work with him in my "past"

Marc Lemay

PS: The first fairest man?  Bernie Sullivan - News Reporter/Director in Fall
River for over 40 years.  Taught me the ropes about news - taught me things
that could never be learned in any J-school.  May not have had the most
polished on-air presence, but he sure knew how to get a story and had a TON
of connections in Fall River.  Again, proud to have had both men as teachers
and mentors.

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> I was surprised to hear Mr. Gauthier doing his Happy Hec show on WSAR
> (1480 Fall River) on Christmas morning, playing Christmas music and
> taking calls from listeners.  If that wasn't live, somebody sure went to
> a lot of trouble to make it sound live.