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Re: Christmas music

Dan wrote:
>>those of you who have chosen broadcasting as your full-time
profession are screwed.  More technology and fewer jobs every year.  You
should try law school.  I didn't make the system, I just profit from it.<<

hmmm.  using law school and profit in such a close proximity, Dan...
   Mister Billings:  the "screwed professionals" of whom you speak have pride 
in that which they do.  we will not share your glee in that you were able to 
do almost twenty hours worth of programming in 3.  
   you may profit from a system that is, should the trend continue, going to 
put itself out of business in very short order.  but to be honest, i really 
had you pegged a little bit higher up on the "radio scale".  
   et tu, Dan?

- -Chuck Igo