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Re: Christmas music

While I'm no longer "in" the broadcast biz, I remember (almost fondly) being
the person spending my holidays at WHTB spinning 6 hour rotations of
christmas music at a time...which would usually start Christmas Eve (I'd
work it) then it would go through Christmas Day until about 6 PM...I'd at
least have the 12N-6 P shift there, and then possibly stick around to spin
oldies until Mid...a total of 18 hours.

Hec Gauther (the PD/GM/Morning Man at the time) would MANUALLY program every
hour of programming, partially because the holiday programming was sponsored
by one major sponsor per hour.  And don't you know, if you strayed from the
format, Hec would know?!?! (Trust me...I strayed...and he called...never to
stray from his format again.)  He's probably doing the same again this
year...almost as much a tradition as the holiday itself...

Granted I wasn't "on air" (other than WX and sponsor the music was
announcer-free) but because I was single with no family, I usually didn't
mind stepping up for those folks who did want to spend the holiday with
their families.  Besides, in the time I did work, more staffers brought
goodies and plates of food by for me so it was better than spending it at

For those who are working Christmas Day - from someone who knows - it is
appreciated by those who don't have to work.

Happy Holidays to all (working or not)

Marc Lemay