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Re: Christmas music

I did the arithmetic really quick Saturday morning during the ABC news
before I did the live intro to the Christmas Music.  I didn't factor in the
brokered hours - I just added up the number of hours until the programming
would end. (I also didn't account for the fact that our Sunday morning board
op woke up at 8:30 instead of 5:30!!!)

Merry Christmas to all and thanks for your support this year.

-Gary Francis

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Sent: Saturday, December 23, 2000 3:48 PM
Subject: Re: Christmas music

>   Dave Faneuf wrote:
> > Just a note to all, WCAP is running 60 hours of Christmas music that
> > began sometime today (Saturday) through Christmas Day.
>   WCAP started the all Christmas music special at 10 AM today.(Actually,
> 10:02, as they had an ABC news brief at the top of the hour). The opening
> introduction to the special was voiced by Gary Francis, no stranger to
> of us on the list.( I also think Gary may have assisted in a big way in
> setting up WCAP's satellite connection to the North Pole for their annual
> "Talk to Santa" programs this past week).
>    However, an advertisement that WCAP has been running the last few days
> in the Lowell Sun indicates the Christmas music is running Saturday
> 10AM-7PM, Sunday 6AM-10PM, and Monday 6AM-10PM, which adds up to much less
> than 60 hours.I know that the Lowell Lock Monsters are playing tonight in
> Hartford, and I'm sure WCAP will be carrying that game, which means the
> music will stop for the game broadcast and pre/post game shows (approx.3
> hours). WCAP usually has brokered ethnic shows 10PM-12Midnight nightly,
> when WCAP signs off till 5AM weekdays,5:30AM on Saturdays, and I believe
> Sundays as well.If WCAP stays on overnights tonight and Sunday night, that
> would add up to 60 hours.
>    Even if WCAP runs Christmas music according to the times in the
> newspaper ad, that's 41 hours of Holiday favorites, which is more then
> we'll get on WODS, who will be all Christmas music from 3PM Sunday till
> Monday, for a total of 27 hours.
>    Happy Holidays to all on the list.
>  Mark Watson