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Re: Christmas music

  Dave Faneuf wrote:
> Just a note to all, WCAP is running 60 hours of Christmas music that
> began sometime today (Saturday) through Christmas Day.

  WCAP started the all Christmas music special at 10 AM today.(Actually, at
10:02, as they had an ABC news brief at the top of the hour). The opening
introduction to the special was voiced by Gary Francis, no stranger to many
of us on the list.( I also think Gary may have assisted in a big way in
setting up WCAP's satellite connection to the North Pole for their annual
"Talk to Santa" programs this past week).

   However, an advertisement that WCAP has been running the last few days
in the Lowell Sun indicates the Christmas music is running Saturday
10AM-7PM, Sunday 6AM-10PM, and Monday 6AM-10PM, which adds up to much less
than 60 hours.I know that the Lowell Lock Monsters are playing tonight in
Hartford, and I'm sure WCAP will be carrying that game, which means the
music will stop for the game broadcast and pre/post game shows (approx.3
hours). WCAP usually has brokered ethnic shows 10PM-12Midnight nightly,
when WCAP signs off till 5AM weekdays,5:30AM on Saturdays, and I believe
Sundays as well.If WCAP stays on overnights tonight and Sunday night, that
would add up to 60 hours.

   Even if WCAP runs Christmas music according to the times in the
newspaper ad, that's 41 hours of Holiday favorites, which is more then
we'll get on WODS, who will be all Christmas music from 3PM Sunday till 6PM
Monday, for a total of 27 hours.

   Happy Holidays to all on the list.

 Mark Watson