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Re: Working on Xmas (was: Re: Christmas music)

At 12:36 PM 12/24/00 -0500, Larry Weil wrote:

>It is almost considered a duty for us Jewish folk to work on Christmas in 
>broadcasting or any other 24/7 job, such as emergency or medical services, 
>so that Christian people can have the day off.  We consider it our annual 
>good deed and a way of showing respect for the beliefs of our co-workers.

I always was somewhat amused when I was managing for a large (now absorbed) 
chain of movie theatres in the Boston area that the official policy manual 
listed for permissible religious holidays two Christian and about fourteen 
Jewish holidays.  Most of my Jewish friends had never heard of 1/2 of the 
ones on the list.  Of course, if you were in the trenches as a manager, 
good luck on taking any of them off.

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