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Re: voice-tracking is the symptom, but it's not the disease-- re send

Donna very eloquently stated many salient points, 
  including the following...
>>...I am sure I will get flamed...<<


   no flames from me, unless you count the Bic lighter 
held high over my head as if i were still seated in the
first row of the lodge section in the old Boston Garden.
No flames from me on any of what you wrote.  you wrote 
it well.  and you wrote it from the standpoint of a true
professional broadcaster.  thank you.  
  there are those of us who remain who are cut from 
cloth not dissimilar from yours.  they are, however, in
no position to climb aboard the soapbox and amplify, or
echo, that which you very nicely stated. they are not
able to do so for fear of losing that which they 
currently have:  a corporate broadcasting job. and i 
would be willing to bet that, given the chance, the 
majority of program and operations directors in radio
today would rather be in charge of a living, breathing
staff than a stack of harddrives to whom a "holiday 
bonus" includes the words Win & Dex.
   again, as i chided Dan earlier, this broadcasting 
thing is not just something i do.  it's what i am.  true
radio believers have the home-made airchecks made at a
time when patch cords into the old reel-to-reel or very
early version cassette recorder were not available.  
when you held the mic next to the built-in speaker of
that old little turntable, the one with the bouncy-legs 
and a penny on the end of the stylus to keep your fav
45 from skipping...
   no flames from me donna.  just me waving that Bic 
lighter high with the other remaining radio pros out 

- -Chuck (that WooWoo thing would've been mine if i 
hadn't been born too late...{winking}) Igo