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Re: test

On 23 Dec 2000,  dan.strassberg@att.net wrote:

> I too detest HTML in messages from the list. I belong to 
> lists that don't filter it out and the HTML messages are 
> a royal pain. 

My e-mail software (Pegasus) is supposed to be able to display HTML 
correctly or to filter it out and show plain text.  I have the latter 
option set.  Most annoying is mail, usually from spammers, which does not 
resolve into either plain text or an HTML display, but instead simply has 
a lot of <> codes interspersed between the text, making the text 
practically unreadable.  I can't imagine what anyone can be thinking in 
sending out mail that way!

It appears, however, that AOL, with its 20-
> odd million users, has embarked on a campaign to have 
> HTML replace plaintext as the standard for Internet e-
> mail. Why else would AOL force users who must 
> communicate with text-only services to get accounts 
> elsewhere?
I suppose if there are enough people going elsewhere, and enough protest, 
they'll have to change.

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