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Re: test

So, for the benefit of others on the list who use AOL 
and who need to send plaintext only (for example in 
messages to this list), how did you defeat the HTML?

Or do I observe that you didn't or couldn't defeat it 
and that you had to get yourself a free Web-based mail 
account elsewhere?

I too detest HTML in messages from the list. I belong to 
lists that don't filter it out and the HTML messages are 
a royal pain. It appears, however, that AOL, with its 20-
odd million users, has embarked on a campaign to have 
HTML replace plaintext as the standard for Internet e-
mail. Why else would AOL force users who must 
communicate with text-only services to get accounts 

Moreover, with the advent of dynamic HTML and Java code 
embedded in HTML, I understand that HTML e-mail can 
harbor viruses that don't require that you open an 
attachment to infect your system. All you have to do is 
view the message. Why do we need that???

> just testing the mail server from this address.  the New
> AOL 6.0 has included "html-encryption" to its outgoing
> mail, and there is currently NO WAY to defeat it.
> per Garrett, the thread server does not like the html-
> encryted stuff.  (and i can't blame it...)
> so, just testing from this address for send-purposes only.