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Could the cable TV operation up here north of Boston 
have a new owner?  Continental Cablevision morphed into
MediaOne, then morphed into the current AT&T Media.
But the polymorphous name-changing may not be over 
according to a story in the  Wall Street Journal Friday
12/22.  AT&T's mother ship seems to be taking on water
these days, and may need to come up with big bucks 
soon. It seems Comcast and Cox suckered the waning 
telecommunications giant into a "heads-I-win-tails-
you-lose" proposition the financial folks call a "put".
This means AT&T has to pay a certain strike price
for a stock called EXCITE@HOME that has tanked worse
than Dr. Laura. Since they lack the moolah to do this, 
it's possible they will sell some of their cable TV
ventures to raise $$$$$$...3-billion worth. It doesn't
mean Comcast or Cox will necessarily get the properties 
or that any in Massachusetts will be put on the block,
but it sure looks that way.  Start taping those "Perry
Mason" reruns now;  they may go the way of "The 
Michael Richards Show.

Laurence Glavin

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