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Re: Continental/MediaOne/AT&T/?

I don t think it is a question of IF anymore  just when.

On Sat, 23 Dec 2000 lglavin@lycosmail.com wrote:

> Could the cable TV operation up here north of Boston 
> have a new owner?  Continental Cablevision morphed into
> MediaOne, then morphed into the current AT&T Media.
> But the polymorphous name-changing may not be over 
> according to a story in the  Wall Street Journal Friday
> 12/22.  AT&T's mother ship seems to be taking on water
> these days, and may need to come up with big bucks 
> soon. It seems Comcast and Cox suckered the waning 
> telecommunications giant into a "heads-I-win-tails-
> you-lose" proposition the financial folks call a "put".
> This means AT&T has to pay a certain strike price
> for a stock called EXCITE@HOME that has tanked worse
> than Dr. Laura. Since they lack the moolah to do this, 
> it's possible they will sell some of their cable TV
> ventures to raise $$$$$$...3-billion worth. It doesn't
> mean Comcast or Cox will necessarily get the properties 
> or that any in Massachusetts will be put on the block,
> but it sure looks that way.  Start taping those "Perry
> Mason" reruns now;  they may go the way of "The 
> Michael Richards Show.
> Laurence Glavin
> Methuen
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