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Re: Working on Xmas (was: Re: Christmas music)

When I worked for Ron Frizell at WLAM, Mike Lawrence, who's was in managemnt 
and no longer on the air, always worked Christmas morning along with other 
Jewish members of the staff.  I was always very impresed that someone in 
managemnt who could have easily insisted on having the day off would 
voluntarily pull an air shift to help out the other employees.  Class act all 
the way.

Unfortuantely, in other places where I have worked, jewish members of 
management have not followed the same practice, even when taking time off for 
some of the Jewish holidays.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

In a message dated 12/24/00 12:36:33 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
kc1ih@mediaone.net writes:

<< It is almost considered a duty for us Jewish folk to work on 
 Christmas in broadcasting or any other 24/7 job, such as emergency or 
 medical services, so that Christian people can have the day off.  We 
 consider it our annual good deed and a way of showing respect for the 
 beliefs of our co-workers. >>