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Imus on Russert (was: CBS-TV stumbles...)

> Russert is the best.  Hands down.  He's one of the few that ever says 
> something that I didn't already know.

Btw, on Tuesday night, Tim Russert's show on CNBC was an interview with
Infinity's morning misanthrope Don Imus.  It was taped on the set of the
"Today" show, and for some reason, the characteristically slouching Imus
was uncharacteristically dressed in a suit.  

Russert asked a few questions about politics and personalities: has Sen.
Lieberman disappointed you?   Would you have Hillary on your show if she
wanted to come on?    Have you met W. personally?   (Yes, maybe, and no,
respectively.)  In another segment, he walked through the topic of Imus'
charity ranch and the horse accident he had this year.

But Imus didn't show much energy and, despite Russert's prodding, only
exercised a little of the sharp-tongued _Schadenfreude_ Russert expected
of him.   

Toward the end of the show, the two were joined by Imus' wife and son, 
so I tuned away at that point: sometimes Imus seems to be imitating 
Kathie Lee in his on-air talk about the latest cute doings of his scion.