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Re: Imus on Russert (was: CBS-TV stumbles...)

> Btw, on Tuesday night, Tim Russert's show on CNBC was an interview with
> Infinity's morning misanthrope Don Imus.  It was taped on the set of the
> "Today" show, and for some reason, the characteristically slouching Imus
> was uncharacteristically dressed in a suit.

A suit coat, tie, and dress shirt.

When they were going to a break, I noticed the I-Man had blue jeans and
cowboy boots on below the camera's view.

To me - that's appropriate TV attire because in theory - no one see below
your waist anyway.

I've heard many a story of TV anchors wearing "appropriate" attire above the
anchor desk, while below the desk was a different story.  From blue jeans to

Ahhh - the fancy life of TV News Anchors.

As for Imus - he did seem a little sluggish and I think Russert was
expecting a little bit more fire.  Maybe time is finally catching up to the

Marc Lemay