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Re: Opie and Anthony Bus Tour Busted By NYPD

Two WNEW staffers, including o&A's producer Rick Delgado, were still in jail as of last night(Friday). They were also cuffed for 10 hours straight after their
arrest on Thursday). So far no one has offered to bail them out. O&A were on the air yesterday calling the whole situation outrageous.  They do have a point -- disorderly conduct is not a cirme but a minor violation. To keep someone in custody for over 24 hrs
for something dumb as this is kind of pointless.

An interesting twist to the story is that a NYPD patrol car was escorting the bus until things started to get hot and heavy. As soon the cops moved in on the bus, the officer took off. He's been suspended without pay.


Decker Media Consulting

On Sat, 2 Dec 2000 12:28:39   
>No word on Opie and Anthony's reaction to the outcome of this stunt
>(although I'm sure they loved the free publicity) or if they had to post
>bail for the station employees taken to jail (deducted from their
>salaries!! <g>)

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