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Opie and Anthony Bus Tour Busted By NYPD

I read on line in a bus buff's posting group that a bus tour sponsored in
part by WNEW-FM's Opie and Anthony on Thursday ran into a little hot water
in Manhattan.Seems the bus tour was a promotion for an X-rated web site,
and aboard the bus were naked and scantily clad ladies and gentelmen.As the
bus made it's way through Manhattan, so was President Clinton's motorcade
on it's way to an event at a nearby hotel.(A coincidence?? Did Opie and
Anthony know about President Clinton's visit when the planned this bus
tour?? <g>)

The New York Police weren't exactly amused by this stunt however ,as they
put an end to this bus tour in a hurry as the bus got a little too close to
the Presidential motorcade route.It was reported that 2 WNEW-FM staffers
aboard the bus, as well as the bus driver and all the dressed and undressed
bus passengers were arrested and taken away.

No word on Opie and Anthony's reaction to the outcome of this stunt
(although I'm sure they loved the free publicity) or if they had to post
bail for the station employees taken to jail (deducted from their
salaries!! <g>)

Mark Watson