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WCRN seems more powerful...

WCRN-AM 830 in Leicesterlightbulb, MA seems to be 
broadcasting with more power, but not 50KW yet.  On
my radio that displays relative signal strength, it's
higher than it used to be and is stronger that WVNE-AM
760 in the same town (i.e. COL; the transmitter is just 
outside Podunk...honest). I would expect that a 50KW 
outlet so nearby would appear stronger.  I have driven 
around Methuen, MA and Salem, NH today and it comes in
very well.  It reminds me of WMEX-AM 1060 exactly one
year ago which had just powered up as J-LITE before 
changing formats.  I'd bet more tweaking will be done
to the transmitter and then the station will be up for

Laurence Glavin
Methuen, MA

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