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Re: even more format changes...

Mike Thomas writes:

>CHR, Alternative and Active Rock skew
> young, and Classic rock, AC and oldies
> focus on older listeners. All 80's shoots
> right down the middle of all these
> formats demographically. 80's specialty
> shows have been extremely popular at
> Hot AC's for quite some time now, so it
> seems that the time is right for this
> format to go 24/7. The demos are
> desirable, 25-44, both male and female.
> Done correctly, it could have legs.

A couple of years ago, KC101 (WKCI Hamden 101.3) was playing so much
'80s music I thought they were about to introduce the format. But they
backed off noticeably and have become in recent months more of a
rhythmic-leaning CHR.

I'm a little on the old side of the target demographic, but I wouldn't
mind an early-to-mid-80s-focused format at all. At least it would get me
out of the WDRC-FM/WPLR/WZMX preset-pushing rut I've been in all year.


Speaking of WKCI, with 'DRC-FM's abandonment of "Big D 103," is "KC101"
now the Hartford-New Haven ID/slogan longevity champ?