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Re: even more format changes...

Howard Glazer wrote:
>A couple of years ago, KC101 (WKCI Hamden 101.3) was playing so much
>'80s music I thought they were about to introduce the format. But they
>backed off noticeably and have become in recent months more of a
>rhythmic-leaning CHR.

I wouldn't go so far as to say that, but they definitely have become more
current-intensive.  They sound pretty mainstream to me (definitely compared
to WKSS, which I would call more rhythmic)...maybe the rhythmic stuff is
more noticeable because they never played any of it before.  What a
difference a new PD makes!

>I'm a little on the old side of the target demographic, but I wouldn't
>mind an early-to-mid-80s-focused format at all. At least it would get me
>out of the WDRC-FM/WPLR/WZMX preset-pushing rut I've been in all year.

My one complaint of 80s formats is that (from sample hours I've seen
posted..never actually heard one) they seem to lean Alternative.  Granted,
that genre was hip and new then, but there was so much other good music
around--especially '82-'86.  I hope this format doesn't become as narrow as
the unlamented 70s format did.