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WRKO and the prez story

WRKO, like other talk stations, has really gone deep
into the presidential election controversy. For now
they have Mo Lauzier on weeknights from 7 pm to
midnight in place of "Leave it to Divas" (Lori Kramer,
Darlene McCarthy) and Clark Howard; and McCarthy and
Tom Moroney are on weekday mornings in place of a
certain controversial "not-a-doctor". Weekend shows
were also geared toward the subject (even news
director Rod Fritz did a show and Pat Whitley scuttled
usual restaurant talk to do presidential talk last
Sunday morning).

I only listen to "the Divas" on occasion and Clark
Howard not at all; am pleased they put Mo on, at least
for now, and the same applies to mornings (Darlene
and Tom.)

As they've done before, WRKO has been running promos
which conveniently seem to forget to mention that
_are_ other talk stations in town. One promo says
they're the only place in Boston where you can talk
about the election controversy (oh, did WTKK, WMEX,
and WBZ--at night--drop their talk formats while
I didn't notice?). 

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