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Re: WRKO and the prez story

Yeh, WTKK expanded Severin from 3-7 and Graf from 7 to Mid.
On 'MEX, they've extended the morning show to 10am, cut
Marj down to 10-Noon, added Frankie Boyer's herbs back into
the mix from 12-1 and kept Dr.Joy from 1-2, and Gene is still on from 2
to sunset. Unlike 'RKO(Blute, Rod Fritz, Ben Parker, Funny Business guys)
or 'TKK(Severin, Graf, Braude), WMEX had no special coverage last weekend
-- just all the brokered shows. 

Since both 'RKO and 'TKK are leaning very to the right, you
basically hear the same 20-25 callers on 680 and 96.9. It's funny, but
some of them even mention the 'other station' during their call...


--- "Bob Nelson...WMWM" <bobonradio@yahoo.com> wrote:
> _are_ other talk stations in town. One promo says
> they're the only place in Boston where you can talk
> about the election controversy (oh, did WTKK, WMEX,
> and WBZ--at night--drop their talk formats while
> I didn't notice?). 

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