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RE: Even more format changes...

Nostalgia seems to run in 20 year cycles; people
start getting into music (and other things) from
20 years ago. In the 70s: "American Graffiti" (OK,
I think it took place in '62 but the spirit was
'50s), Sha Na Na, "Happy Days". In the 80s:
"The Wonder Years", movies and TV shows about the
60s, groups that took their cue from 60s bands (like
REM using Rickenbacker guitars to re-create a
Byrds-ish sound, and, around here, the Lyres), and in
the 90s, 70s nostalgia (Barry Scott's show to some
extent, "That 70s Show").

So why not 80s nostalgia now? Just saw a good bio
of Brian Setzer on "VH-1:Behind the Music". Sure it
talked about the swing music he'd done the past
few years but most of it was about his 80s band
the Stray Cats.

Maybe people have had their fill of 70s toons and
want to bring back 80s pop/new wave/rock.

--- EM1 GITCHIER <RGITSCHIER@doyle.navy.mil> wrote:
> There seems to be a sudden explosion of "80s"
> stations in different parts of
> the nation the past few weeks

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