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>Joe Ross:
>I was in Amherst this weekend, and today, on the way home, I thought to
>check out WDRC-FM and see if they had, indeed, given up the "Big D 103"
>slogan, as we had discussed a couple of months ago.  Well, I kept hearing
>"DRC-FM" and "Oldies 102.9," but no "Big D 103".

        Unfortunately, you are correct sir.

        And right around the same time, BTW,WCBS-AM dropped the frequency
nomenclature it had always used, "eighty-eight," in favor of
"eight-eighty." It still sounds wrong two or three months later.

        The world is changing too fast. I can't keep up. I just noticed
they're not even putting those Conelrad symbols on the radios anymore. Next
thing you know WOR will have a morning show without someone named John
Gambling. What am I to do :))