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Re: End of FCC AM Freeze....

In a message dated 11/15/00 8:05:50 AM Eastern Standard Time, rjoc@webtv.net 

<< Incidentally, if these 3 new AMs get on the air, that would make a total
 of  7 religious AM/FM stations/translators serving the Bangor Market
 (pop. 72,000).

Statistics say that 1 out of 131 people listen to religious radio.  Divide 
131 in to 72,000 and you have 550 people. Divide that by 7 stations, and then 
each station gets 78 listeners.   Then divide that by the average (religious) 
person listening 45 minutes a day, and that brings an "Average Quarter Hour" 
(AQH) to (96 QH's a day, divided by 78)  =  each station having an AQH of  
1.2 persons.    Then there's the FM-station's advantage which will reduce the 
AM's down to about 0.8 persons AQH for each AM station.    

No doubt 3 stations will be needed to increase this 0.8-persons figure (less 
than one soul) times 3.... to a grand total of  2.4 souls AQH.    Of course, 
the rating don't usually include station staff...which would jump the 2.4 
person figure (for 3 stations) to possibly up to 10 people.

  (who never topped 5,500-persons AQH in Boston)