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I got around to checking out WGBX-TV channel 44's
signal yesterday.  My main TV is on the cable, and 
I haven't experienced any problems all throughout 
the Cedar Street reconstruction. But I also have a
table-top TV (with internal antenna) in my kitchen that I use about once a

week to watch Fox News Sunday on channel 25.  For 
months, when I checked channel 44, there was a minimal
flickering image;  before the Westinghouse/CBS/
Viacom tower buildup, channel 44 was a trifle less
enjoyable to watch than channels 25 and 56. (Ch 38 was
and still is p*ss-poor I don't know why).
However, now the picture on channel 44 is very close 
to the signal quality of 25 and 44.  Question:  
channel 44 is LICENSED with 1,510,000 watts at 1080 feet
and has an application for 1,100,000 watts at 1227 feet.
Does anyone know whether they're still broadcasting 
with the previously licensed facilities  or the
the higher-up-on-the-tower applied-for facilities?

Laurence from Methuen
(30 miles North of the junction of rts 9 & 128)  

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