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Re: Snowdays

On Tue, 14 Nov 2000 20:37:50 -0500 EM1 GITCHIER
<RGITSCHIER@doyle.navy.mil> writes:
> I was at WLLH for a few months in the early summer in 1978. Had 
> 10,000 calls
> for when "the fireworks" were. We had a list of where and when the 
> fireworks
> were scheduled. Since I was not part of the air staff and there on 
> July 4th
> just for grins and giggles I rose to the occasion answering the 
> hitlines
> from the employee lounge. The newsguy announced the fireworks 
> schedule every
> hour... but the calls kept on coming. 

I remember having many a long discussion about this (snowdays mostly)
with the program director at the time (Jack Peterson).  My point was we
were trying to get people to listen, so I had not problem telling them
what our freq is and what time to expect the information on the air, but
I did not think giving information on the telephone was all that
smart...after all, they know what they need to know so why listen? 
Jack's point was always that we wanted to be your friends and that way
the person would tune in because we were nice to them on the phone.    
That's when I decided that when I was in the position to make the call I
would give them everything on the air and nothing on the phone.  

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