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RE: Snowdays

I was at WLLH for a few months in the early summer in 1978. Had 10,000 calls
for when "the fireworks" were. We had a list of where and when the fireworks
were scheduled. Since I was not part of the air staff and there on July 4th
just for grins and giggles I rose to the occasion answering the hitlines
from the employee lounge. The newsguy announced the fireworks schedule every
hour... but the calls kept on coming. 

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> From:	Marc Lemay [SMTP:mmkc@mediaone.net]
> Kudos Dave!
> Nothing annoyed me more than working in an understaffed newsroom on a snow
> day, phone ringing off the hook...most of the calls from lazy parents
> asking
> the age old question..."Is there school today?" (like I'm supposed to know
> what school they're asking for...), or "Did you cancel school yet?" (Oh if
> I
> had THAT power!!!)
> I finally got so fed up with it that I went on the air one morning and did
> something similar...to no avail...people still called.  We got smart the
> year after, using another line for school officials to call in on...all
> other lines went unanswered until after 8 AM...which...by then...the lazy
> parents found out from someone whether or not there was school.
> Finally, as a parent, if you have to call the radio station to ask if
> there's school...use your better judgement...don't wait for the school
> department to cancel...send the kiddos back to bed...or better yet, out to
> shovel the driveway.
> Marc "Did I mention I miss snowdays" Lemay
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> From: "Dave Faneuf" <tklaundry@juno.com>
> > Just FYI especially when I am on a local AM I make a pronouncement at
> the
> > beginning of the snow season, that I promise to give you up to the
> minute
> > information on the air...but if you call me on the telephone I just
> might
> > lie to you!  Listeners know not to call, those other folks, well.....too
> > bad