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Kudos Dave!

Nothing annoyed me more than working in an understaffed newsroom on a snow
day, phone ringing off the hook...most of the calls from lazy parents asking
the age old question..."Is there school today?" (like I'm supposed to know
what school they're asking for...), or "Did you cancel school yet?" (Oh if I
had THAT power!!!)

I finally got so fed up with it that I went on the air one morning and did
something similar...to no avail...people still called.  We got smart the
year after, using another line for school officials to call in on...all
other lines went unanswered until after 8 AM...which...by then...the lazy
parents found out from someone whether or not there was school.

Finally, as a parent, if you have to call the radio station to ask if
there's school...use your better judgement...don't wait for the school
department to cancel...send the kiddos back to bed...or better yet, out to
shovel the driveway.

Marc "Did I mention I miss snowdays" Lemay

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From: "Dave Faneuf" <tklaundry@juno.com>
> Just FYI especially when I am on a local AM I make a pronouncement at the
> beginning of the snow season, that I promise to give you up to the minute
> information on the air...but if you call me on the telephone I just might
> lie to you!  Listeners know not to call, those other folks, well.....too
> bad