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Re: End of the FCC AM freeze--and the return of the _UNDEAD_

Well, if you consider Lexington, Lincoln, Concord and 
Acton to be parts of MetroWest, the first two would 
receive quite a strong daytime signal and the other two 
a usable daytime signal. At night, the signal would turn 
around and point toward Boston. Lexington and Lincoln 
would still get a pretty good night signal but Concord 
and Acton are a little far away for that. 1470 is a 
_lot_ quieter around here at night than 1430 is, but the 
Concord/Acton line is 12 miles away and the night signal 
in that direction would be equivalent to only about 1 kW 
ND. The night pattern would be (big surprise) a lot like 
WAMG's night pattern. As I said, the combination of 1430 
and 1470 would cover the market pretty nicely and would 
benefit (on analog-tuned radios, anyhow) from their 
close proximity on the dial. Reception would still leave 
a bit to be desired in areas southwest of Boston.
> Would the station continue to provide any sort of decent signal coverage to 
> MetroWest? Langer seems desperate for a station that can move in closer to 
> Boston...