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Re: End of the FCC AM freeze--and the return of the _UNDEAD_

Seems to me, folks, that AM's located in any decent-sized market, which sells 
time to different ethnic groups (and sadly, quack-doctors),  are more 
financially stable than and more profitable than MANY of the bigger 
FM's....and their ownerships are not swinging doors like the FM's...     
WROL,  WNTN(recent change for retirement reasons only),  WUNR,  WJIB(9 & 1/2 
years now).

In a message dated 11/14/00 12:15:39 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
steveord@wavewizard.com writes:

<< I'm here, and ever the skeptic.  20 years ago AMs were having increasing
 difficulty getting people to listen, despite programming that was often
 better executed than similarly formatted FMs.  Today there's a whole
 generation of people who have never had a reason to listen to AM.  >>