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Re: well it's the thought that counts

Maybe, just maybe, "Not a Doc's" fifteen minutes are coming to an end.  The TV show is
flopping horribly, being moved to 2am on all CBS O&O's, and other stations are
following suit, including WFSB-Hartford.  Now I'm hearing about stations shaving an
hour off her radio show as well, and WABC is not the only one.  Maybe America is
getting tired of her insensitive, intolerant schtick.  One can only hope.

Mike Thomas

Mark Shneyder wrote:

> -Speaking of NYC, WABC  slashed Dr.Laura's Mon thru Thursday
> schedule by an hour two weeks ago. She's now on from 10-11:45, Mon-Thursday and
> 10-11 on Fridays. WABC expanded Denver-based consumer-advice Tom "The
> Troubleshooter" Martino from 9am-10am Mon-Friday. He's still on Saturday
> mornings...