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Re: well it's the thought that counts

Mel may have his hands tied with WNEW-FM.  I've heard that he wants to move Stern
over to 102.7, but Stern won't go.  In addition, Howard is flexing his muscle and
not allowing Opie and Anthony, the only bright spot on the station, to move to
mornings.  Stern still does not have a contract largely because Mel wants him to
move to NEW-FM.  If  Mel can convince Stern to go, WNEW-FM will do just fine.  If
not, Stern could leave the Infinity family, O&A would move to mornings, and
K-rock picks up a music-intensive morning show.  We'll have to see what happens.
Until then, I doubt we'll see much change at 102.7.

Mike Thomas

Kevin Vahey wrote:

> But as mentioned here over the weekend the main problem Infinity has in NY
> is WNEW-FM and that has to be hurting the bottom line.